Observation Reports In SMP 1 Palembang

Observation Reports
By Ahsani Takwim

Teaching Use of Alegabric forms in social arithmatic at Junior High school 1 Plg
Figure. 1
                Located in Talang semut, I with some of my friend came to the junior high school 1 Plg on Friday(5/11). We arrived there at 09.00 am. SMP 1 plg is one of schools that have been using International class in their sains lesson. One of the lesson is mathematic. So they use billingual language for their conversation in the class. My observe class was VII.4.
                The school have a good facillities. Like a LCD, clean floor with use AC and many others. There are 30 students in that class. The teacher’s name is mrs. Heti, but she didn’t teach the class because there is a teaching practice, ms. Rahmi. The teacher just sat down in the back of the class. The students in the class used english mathematic book.
                The lesson of that day is about Use of Alegabric forms in social arithmatic. Ms. Rahmi start the lesson normaly with use LCD. she explained lesson by the subbab. I with my friends Desi
Arisandi,Arif priyono stand up  in the back to observe the class when the teaching’s ran.

Figure. 2
Ms. Rahmi explained about social arithmatic, for example was like profit, loss, buying price and selling price. Ms. Rahmi divided material into 2 parts. That was profit and loss. Profit got if the selling price is bigger than buying price. But loss got if selling price is less then buying price. After each part, ms. Rahmi gave some questions to the student. Everyone who want to answered the question must rise their hand. Almost all the student in the class rise their hand. And the teacher asked us to help the student(Figure 2. And 3.) who got the problem in their thingking. So I with arif Priyono and desi Arisandi walked around the student to help them if there anyone who got trouble.

Figure. 3

After more less 80 minutes, the lesson was over. The teaching practice gave student homework about the material for the next meeting.

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